• KITA Held “Seminar Series with Successful Startups in Global Expansion”
    2020-06-10 hit 1461

    KITA Held Seminar Series with Successful Startups in Global Expansion

    -  Introduced Luxrobo that has made inroads into 50 countries with modular type robots on June 9th The seminar will share two success stories every month  -

    The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman: Kim Young-ju) and YouTube Creator Taeyong (EO), who is specialized in startups, jointly hosted Seminar Series with Successful Startups in Global Expansion at COEX Startup Branch on June 9th.

    This seminar series was designed to celebrate the first anniversary of the Startup Branch. The series, which began in May, will share success stories by inviting two startup CEOs each month regarding their overseas expansion. The first two speakers in May were CEO Kim Hye-yeon of N.thing who exports smart farms to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and CEO Seok Chul of Muzlive who is sweeping the online market of K-Pop with a smart music platform KiT.

    CEO Oh Sang-hun of Luxrobo appeared on the seminar streamed live via YouTube on June 9th on and discussed his experience of developing MODI, an educational coding robot kit, after six business failures. He also shared the whole story of successfully receiving 9-billion-won investment for Series B. MODI is currently exported to some 50 countries around the world including the United Kingdom to be used as educational software in middle schools and high schools.

    CEO Oh said, MODI is a modular type and you can make Internet of Things (IoT) robots such as toy cars and smart switches by assembling motors, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and batteries like Lego. It can be operated with simple coding. He also added, I hope more children around the world enjoy the opportunity of learning how to code and artificial intelligence (AI) education through MODI that I have developed in pursuit of my dream of creating a world where anyone can easily create a robot.”

    Park Sun-kyung, head of Startup Bridge at the Korea International Trade Association, said, We are developing various support projects to help Korean startups grow in a more robust and innovative ecosystem, and added, In particular, we will take the lead in supporting startups’ overseas expansion and global scale-ups by creating opportunities to attract investment, conducting open innovation with large and mid-sized companies, and implementing audition and consultation programs.

    Last year, the Startup Branch provided matching services between 25 large and mid-sized companies home and abroad and 233 Korean startups through open innovation with global large companies and produced 18 successful cases of cooperation. In the first half of this year, the Startup Branch is actively supporting startups by conducting open innovation events with 35 domestic and foreign companies in spite of COVID-19 pandemic.

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